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Video Marketing: How to Push A Video Go Viral?

Gone are the times when a promotional video could go viral quite simply by its awesomeness. But with billions of videos published on YouTube as well as other major online video sharing platforms, just how can you push a video go viral? Well then, here are some vital tips that can enable you to get the most out of your online viral video marketing campaigns at all times. These are the sorts of vital tips, which will let you create promotional videos that will be able to significantly boost your business’s online brand awareness in a stress-free manner. However, let us first take a closer look at just what viral marketing is, and how it operates.
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Tracing The Most Reliable Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Marketing experts often suggest that for a person to increase their brand presence, they should be active on social media. While this is true, unless you have a social media expert to run your campaigns, you hardly have time to make a presence on all social media platforms. To make your online marketing experience easier, here is a review of the two top social media platforms: Facebook and Google plus.

The Ultimate Battle of Video Marketing: Facebook vs. Youtube

Marketing is a huge industry and it has been growing in the past couple of years. Given the amount of technological innovations that have taken place, creator-consumer relationships have deepened due to the closeness technology has allowed between the two. Because the market is growing, there is a lot of uniformity going on in terms of how companies market their products. In recent times, however, video marketing has stepped up as the new “it” factor in marketing. The use of a video has been effective in giving the consumer the information they need about a particular brand in a relatively short time and without all the overwhelming text that comes with other types of marketing strategies.

Facebook vs Youtube Video Marketing

5 Essential Steps to Boost your Viral Video Marketing Strategy

Viral Video Marketing Strategy

The process of making a branded video to go viral requires more than trial and error. It involves having a video marketing strategy based on timing, building of an audience, engagement, and distribution. Here are 5 essential steps to boost your viral video marketing strategy:

Top 10 Funniest Videos Go Viral on Youtube - Video Content Marketing

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Funny Cat Videos - Cat Vines Compilation

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Cats are simply the funniest and most hilarious pets, they make us laugh all the time! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! Hope you like our compilation, please share it, Follow us on Facebook and leave a comment below!

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Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2017

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Awesome Dogs Compilation - The Best of funny moments with cutest dogs. Hope you like our compilation, please share it and Follow us on Facebook!

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Animals never fail to make us laugh - Super funny animal compilation

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I bet you can't watch this whole video without laughing! Animals are just the best, and funniest! From guilty dogs, to funny cat fails, monkeys, funny squirrels, horses... Hope you like our compilation, please share it and Follow us on Facebook!

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Kids & Toddlers & Their ridiculous behavior are just the funniest - Funny & cute compilation

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Oh, these kids. Can't stop watching their funny stunts and reactions. How do you like them? Hope you like our compilation, please share it and Follow us on Facebook! Watch also our other videos!

Source: Tiger FunnyWorks

4 Tips to Maximize YouTube's Marketing Potential

4 Tips to Maximize YouTube's Marketing Potential

To maximize YouTube’s Marketing Potential, you need to go beyond creating viral videos. This is because often, viral videos are just impressive and entertaining, and have little to do with your brand. A successful marketing campaign is best measured by the viewers who convert, rather than the number of viewers who watch a video. Here are 4 tips to maximize your marketing potential on YouTube:

Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

Promoting a brand anywhere on the internet platform can be a difficult task especially if you do not have the smart know how to go about it. For one, promoting your brand requires lots of SEO knowledge and also knowledge on how you can utilize it specifically to suit your brand. There are different types of SEOs and knowing which one will best promote your brand is a great place to start on the road to brand success. With that said, in this particular discussion, we look at how to use Youtube as a tool to get you the success you are aiming for. Below is an insight.

Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money via Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms, coming only second after Google in terms of traffic. There are millions of people who watch videos on YouTube every day. This means that if well harnessed, it can become a very lucrative source of income. One of the ways to make money on You Tube is via affiliate marketing. This involves selling products for a commission. Affiliate Marketing with YouTube Videos involves placing affiliate links in the video’s description, which is running affiliate advertisements on YouTube videos.

Affiliate Marketing YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing Trends 2015

YouTube Video Marketing Trends 2015

YouTube Showing Innovation in the 2015 Video Marketing Trends

Measuring the Marketing Value of YouTube

Measuring the Marketing Value of YouTube

There is a lot of information on the web on why every business or brand should have a YouTube channel. However, having a channel on this giant site is dependent on a number of factors: your niche, type of content, and the specific goals that you have in your YouTube marketing strategy. But what really do you gain from YouTube? Is it just a concept that many businesses follow blindly? Let us delve more into measuring the marketing value of YouTube:

The main aim

In order to comprehend the marketing value of YouTube, it is important to understand the viewer’s main aim. As a platform, YouTube is beneficial in a number of ways: as a social site, community site and as an advertising platform. Despite these benefits, the aim of viewers is to watch videos. It does not really matter how the users end up on YouTube, (whether via social media, direct navigation, or via universal search) all they want to do is watch videos. Viewers hope to find something entertaining or informative, rather than find products to buy or services to use. They could go to Youtube to watch news a few times, but they seldom go there to get recommendations for the best hotels or restaurants or even directions for travel.

Why should the user’s main aim be a concern to any marketer?

To fully exploit the marketing potential of YouTube and reach your goals in your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to work towards your viewer’s main aim: education and entertainment. This means that your content needs to instruct, entertain or inform. The right content allows viewers to not only get informed and entertained, but to also know your brand. They tend to trust it and associate it with positivity.

Here are more benefits of investing in good content

- Integration on social media

Social media platforms embed YouTube videos on their platforms. This allows more users to access your videos. They need not even leave the social platforms.

- Video news releases

Video news releases are a great way to get coverage from high authority sites, especially those that deal with news. YouTube becomes the best platform for video new releases.

How to measure YouTube’s marketing value

1. Branded search volume

Branded search volume is the most valuable indicator of success in your YouTube marketing campaign. It does not matter if your marketing campaign entails advertising on YouTube, seeding content on various community platforms, or even YouTube SEO.

Branded search volume is basically the number or percentage of users who are searching for your brand or service via search engines like Google and Bing. To get to know your branded search volume, you can :
  •  track percentages in increases in brand traffic
  •  movements on Google trends
  •  look at search queries in Google webmaster tools
This way, you will get an idea of the positive trends.

If you have been doing a PPC campaign for your brand, buy unlimited exact match impressions for the brand. You will then need to check for any increase in impressions over a period of time.

Another way to measure branded search volume is by tracking brand mentions. A good tool for this would be Fresh web explorer. Better still, enterprise level companies can run brand recognition surveys. This helps to gauge the increase in unprompted recall.

Other ways of measuring the marketing value of YouTube:

2. Referring traffic

This is a rather small indicator of success in your YouTube marketing campaign. It however it shows the interest created by your videos. It comes from viewers who have left YouTube to explore your site. This means that your video content is very impressive. Referring traffic is highly dependent on where you place links back to your site. There are 3 options:
  •  In the description
  •  As an Ad overlay link - to get this, you need to set up the content for advertising
  •  Within annotations - this requires you to be a You Tube partner. You can even allow pre-roll ads from other brands on your videos.

3. Engagement

YouTube analytics offers a 'relative audience retention' report. It briefly allows you to get to see how good your video is, in terms of Google’s standards. This analysis is based on the viewers who watch the entire video. Engagement is one of the major factors that Google and YouTube use to place your video in search engine results. This means that as a marketer, you must aim at minimizing the probability of viewers failing to watch the entire video. You should aim at a high 'average view duration'. If some videos have excessively lower average view durations, you can remove them. This will help in the overall reputation of your YouTube channel.

A precaution

Views are not a good measure of YouTube’s marketing value. They are just hits and are triggered when a viewer loads the video, regardless of whether they actually watch it. The fact that your YouTube video has many views doesn’t necessarily mean that it has high value content or it is engaging.

Instead of counting views, there are more useful metrics, for instance:
  •  unique non-bouncing visits
  •  conversion rates
  •  and time on site
Rather than focus on YouTube views, a better way of measuring the marketing value of YouTube is estimated minutes watched and average view duration.

Like aforementioned, you need to think about how including YouTube videos in your marketing strategy will help you accomplish your goals. Better still, you need to find out whether your target audience and influencers are watching YouTube videos, especially those related to your niche. If they are, you need to create a YouTube channel that will provide them with value and entertain them as well.


Almost every business or brand can have a YouTube channel. The important thing is to provide value and entertain your customers. After ensuring that you have a way to harness the power of YouTube, measuring the marketing value of YouTube will be a worthwhile task. It will help you to make necessary adjustments in your YouTube Marketing strategy.

The 8 Most Important Content Marketing Metrics

Content Marketing Metrics

Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy is a facet that every marketer cannot underestimate. After coming up with a marketing strategy that incorporates various aspects, ranging from optimization, customer dynamics, and engagement, you must measure its efficacy and return on investment. Measuring content success is not easy. A single metric cannot give a wholesome conclusion on the success of your marketing strategy. Here are the 8 most important content marketing metrics:

1. Consumption

This is the most essential metric. You can derive it from YouTube insights or Google Analytics. The focus is on:
  •  the number of people who have consumed your content - views or downloads
  •  the channels they use to consume your content
  •  the frequency of the consumption

YouTube Trueview merges with Adwords: How it affects video marketing

Youtube Video Marketing with Adwords Trueview

YouTube video marketing has changed significantly over the years. One recent significant change is the merge between TrueView and AdWords for video. Before we look at the merger and how it will affect video marketing, let us briefly look at each of these concepts:


This is an advertising format for YouTube videos. You only get to pay only if a viewer watches your video. You are therefore able to reach a targeted audience. Two TrueView formats are available: in-stream and in-display.

Mobile Video Streaming: the Future of Video Marketing

Mobile Video Marketing Streaming

Live streaming is becoming an important part of video marketing. While it is not entirely a new concept, apps like Meerkat and Periscope are bringing it into the limelight. Other platforms, for instance YouTube, Twitch, cable companies, and dedicated websites have been allowing live-streaming for quite some time now. The intriguing thing is that Meerkat and Periscope are not only using the phenomena of livestreaming, but they have gone mobile. Let us delve more into this:

7 Tips for Launching your Video Marketing Strategy

7 Tips for Launching your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has a myriad benefits, ranging from lead generation, increasing conversion rates, to customer engagement. There are very many tips that shed light on what to do to create videos that can go viral. But how do you go about launching your strategy? Here are 7 tips for launching your video marketing strategy:

1. Allocation of resources

This has to do with budget allocation. How do you allocate adequate resources to your YouTube marketing strategy while doing more with less? To allocate resources, you need to know how much content you need. For instance, you will need content to communicate to your clients at different levels, for instance, from capturing their attention, to engaging them, introducing your brand, to a call to action, to conversion. You also need to upload a new video every few weeks.

One budget-friendly way to produce high quality content is via hiring a dedicated hire, that is, one videographer. You can budget around $1000 every few weeks for shooting and editing of footage, as well as production of one short video. The videographer will probably use his own equipment and lighting, saving you the cost of buying a good HD- quality camera and other sophisticated filming equipment. Alternatively, you can get some basics on shooting, editing and video production. This will save you a lot of resources.

2. Content Packaging

As you launch your video marketing strategy, you need to come up with how you are going to package your content at different marketing funnel levels. You may also decide on the story to tell different categories of people in your audience. When thinking about the story you want to tell, the audience’s preferences must come into play.

If you are uploading the first video on your YouTube channel, you can introduce yourself, your brand, company, product or service. You can then begin to create other videos for other stages of the marketing funnel. Funny videos are able to humanize your brand by bringing pain points to the fore. To build trust, upload video interviews with experts in your niche and product demos too. This way the audience benefits from the knowledge being passed, and your brand benefits as it can be trusted. You can also use personalized videos.

3. Don’t just join the bandwagon

While YouTube marketing presents a great marketing opportunity, it only does so to people who know how to harness its potential. A significant thing to remember as you launch video marketing is that you need to be prepared. Don’t just invest your time and money and begin to upload your videos because other brands are doing it. Revise your goals, and slowly and consistently begin to work on them. Over time, your efforts will begin to bear fruit. Keep studying the different trends and implement them as you keep growing and engaging your audience.

4. Distribution

As you launch your video marketing strategy, remember there are various platforms where you can reach your followers. You need to identify the platforms where your followers are likely to be and come up with a way to engage them there. This means that for your YouTube marketing strategy to be successful, you must incorporate other platforms too. For instance, you can join discussions on Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This means that you need to either schedule time for each platform, or allocate different platforms to members of your team. This way, your participation will be consistent.

You can also create a campaign on Twitter via ads. You can target a specific location or interest. Quick promote also allows for the promotion of a specific tweet that is already existing on the page instead of running a full ad campaign.

Video marketing entails strategizing on how exactly you will handle these forms of engagement. For instance, you can choose to be beginning a discussion via posting a question once a week. This way, other people will get to identify your brand as familiar and friendly. If you have a video related to the discussion, you can post the link that will direct your potential viewers to your YouTube channel.

5. Study

Before you launch your video marketing strategy, you need to spend time and study what the established channels are doing right. This should come after you have set your own goals and strategized on how to get there. Look at what the types of videos that the successful channels have, the topics addressed, and the type of videos with the most views. You then need to see what can work for your YouTube marketing strategy. Package it in a way that is unique and that will impact on your audience. This is highly dependent on your niche and audience. You can also look at what the other videos in your niche have failed to cover and capitalize on it. Create videos on areas that others have overlooked. They should however be directed at achieving your goals.

6. Tact

Video marketing entails tact, even at the level of launching. You need to include the specific way you will launch your videos. For instance, you may choose to use cover songs, especially if the musician has an impressive voice or even an outstanding rendition of a popular song. Another way to go about this is by showcasing skill. You can showcase your employees’ skills, for instance, hard work, video editing, ingenuity, and creativity. You can also use annotations or even end one video with the beginning of another. This suspense will lead your viewer to look for the other video and watch it. It is all about ingenuity. You can come up with your own ideas.

7. Basics

Your YouTube marketing strategy will only launch well if you get it right from the basics. Ensure that you fill out as many details as possible: the channel name, profile details, description, as well as other fields like 'about me'. You need to customize your channel ensuring that it has a unique look, a logo and meta descriptions.

After putting all these factors into consideration, you are ready to launch your strategy. You can begin to implement it by uploading videos and distributing them.


All in all, video marketing has a number of benefits. Beyond knowing how to create good videos, and what to do to make them viral, factor in the above tips as you launch your video marketing strategy.

10 Things you must Include in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

2015 has been named the Year of Video Marketing. More and more businesses are finding new ways to use the platform so as to reach their customers. Videos give customers an overview of products within the shortest time possible. Creating videos is no longer a daunting task due to tools that help you make videos at little or no cost. In fact, one can use their smartphone to shoot a video. Alternatively, you can sign up for services that create animated explainer videos. As much as shooting videos has become easier, you still need to have an effective video marketing strategy in place to leverage the power of video. Here are 10 things your marketing strategy must include:

How to Boost your YouTube Visibility

How to Boost your YouTube Visibility

Being visible on YouTube goes beyond adding tags or eye-catching thumbnails. YouTube’s algorithms reward user experience and engagement. The challenge is in trying to find the balance between visibility as created by the various tags on the giant site, and as created by user engagement. Here is how to boost your YouTube visibility: