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Mobile Video Streaming: the Future of Video Marketing

Mobile Video Marketing Streaming

Live streaming is becoming an important part of video marketing. While it is not entirely a new concept, apps like Meerkat and Periscope are bringing it into the limelight. Other platforms, for instance YouTube, Twitch, cable companies, and dedicated websites have been allowing live-streaming for quite some time now. The intriguing thing is that Meerkat and Periscope are not only using the phenomena of livestreaming, but they have gone mobile. Let us delve more into this:

10 New YouTube Features to Improve User Experience 2015

10 New YouTube Features Update 2015

For the last ten years YouTube has served as the undisputed leading online platform that video creators can use to share their content with viewers from all across the globe. This has over the years gone on to enable business entities and even individuals to be in an excellent position of streamlining their video marketing campaigns in a hitherto unprecedented manner. In commemorating the ten years it has been operational, YouTube recently announced it will roll out new YouTube features that are designed to enhance the user experience of creators. To this end, the following is a brief preview of just what you as a creator should expect from these changes.

How to Broadcast Live on Youtube: Taking your marketing game to the next level

How to Broadcast Live on Youtube: Taking your marketing game to the next level
Youtube Live Events

Marketing - the process that is extremely multidimensional and complex for many people to do. However, it is a relatively simple procedure when one knows what to do and when to do it. Marketing is complex by nature due to the fact that the producer of the marketing pitch is attempting to reach a multitude of people in different parts of the world and hoping the sent message appeals to their sense of wanting to purchase your product or service. In this case, putting the right message that is good enough to appeal is an important factor. Also, it is a procedure of looking for the most convenient means for reaching the most number of people.

For such considerations, there is SEO tactics that help you in doing just that. Most recently there has been a shift from the traditional classic tactics that were largely text based to video based. Youtube has been the frontier in this type of marketing because of its popularity with a large number of people from across the globe. A lot of people have upgraded their marketing strategies to include a video component in addition to having a text based marketing scheme.

Youtube marketing is extremely efficient for a lot of people because its broadcasting and sharing features enable the reaching of a number of people from the same platform. The most popular Youtube marketing approach has been the video sharing feature in which marketers create video content for their products. However recently, video broadcasting has also become another preferred method of marketing on Youtube. Considering that the procedure on how to do this is somewhat different from video sharing, it has a few details that are important to know in order to make the broadcast successful.

The process

Creating live broadcast on Youtube requires the individual wanting to broadcast to have an account. On the profile on the Youtube user homepage, there is a Video Manager tab under which a “live events” tab is available. Clicking on this tab will direct the user to an information confirmation page where they will be required to fill out some information about their location and their live stream. Some information required is the title of the broadcast along with the description tag or tags, category, type, and whether they are hangouts or live streams. Additionally, the allocated start and ending times of the broadcast. Lastly, there will be confirmation of privacy settings to choose whether the event will be public or private and some options for promotion of the broadcast. For more customization, the user has an option to access and set encoding options and controls. Another useful feature for broadcasting on Youtube is the simultaneous broadcasting of multiple events. If ever it happens that you need to do aggressive marketing, this may be an option that is useful in that case.


Using live broadcasting on Youtube has a number of advantages for your marketing strategy. For starters, creating a free broadcast is a great way to generate new opportunities for revenue. Because you can charge for access to your broadcast, there is room for revenue generation. Secondly, considering that live broadcasting is relatively new in the marketing arena, it helps you stand out from the crowd by making your approach unique. And furthermore, a broadcasted event does especially well in reaching a greater number of audience worldwide. This means more reach for you, perhaps more reach than a regular shared video would have. Streaming worldwide allows a larger attendance because it surpasses physical and geographical bounds. Given that reaching more people and making a large majority of them potential customers is the goal of marketing, what a better way to do just that than with creating an event live on Youtube.

Interaction with viewers is another aspect that makes broadcasting advantageous. As much as you are raking in viewers, you are also targeting to find those special viewers that are interested in your event. The interaction feature is great for this because viewers can directly contact you and you can reciprocate to create rapport while the event is going on. For you the marketer, this is an especially useful tool for it enables you to identify and create a connection with potential clients and customers.

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