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Amazing Things To Expect In The Recent YouTube Mobile App Update

Amazing Things To Expect In The Recent YouTube Mobile App Update
Amazing Things To Expect In The Recent YouTube Mobile App Update

Over the past 10 years, YouTube has remained the undisputable no. 1 video site in the world. And it has done so by staying relevant and in tune with the new trends.

Since it was first launched in 2005, the video sharing site has signed in over a billion of users. With its varied content and user-friendly interface, the site has never really grown old or irrelevant. It has stayed upbeat and seems to impress even more with its exciting evolution.

If you haven't downloaded yet the latest YouTube App update, you should. The new YouTube mobile looks clean, simple. It rocks!

Just like all the previous YouTube mobile app updates, the recent changes have been met with so much excitement. And it is not without reason. As with the earlier updates, YouTube mobile app updates make the app more user-friendly and efficient.

So, what can you expect with the new YouTube mobile app update? Three Tabs For Better User Experience One of the most obvious updates is the introduction of three new tabs:

  • Home : This tab enable users to explore and discover videos with ease. YouTube creates a totally personalized experienced by recommending videos based on previously watched videos or based on your playlists.
  • Subscriptions : This tab allows you to see the latest video uploads by the channels and creators you are subscribed to. Subscribing to a channel has also been made easier. With just one button touch, you can now follow a channel or creator. And once you've followed a channel, you will be notified as soon as there is a new video upload.
  • Account : Review what you've been watched, skim over your playlists, or watch the videos you've posted - they're all under one tab, which is more convenient for mobile users. The subscriptions and profile are located right at the top so users can easily access them.

The introduction of these tabs has greatly simplified the entire process of discovering and enjoying videos. And since searching for videos has been made much simpler, users can now have more time to watch more videos.

Exciting Video Editing Tools

But YouTube is not just for watching videos, it's also for sharing your videos. As such, the new mobile app update introduces video editing tools which allow ordinary users to edit their videos directly in the app. In-app video creation tools allow you to trim video clips, adjust color or brightness, use filters, add background music, cut video sequences, and post the edited video.

No need to download or install a third-party video editing app. You can do them right in your YouTube mobile App.

What it means for viewers?

The latest YouTube Mobile App update creates a better viewing experience. As mentioned above, its simplified look and better interface allows users to watch more videos. Moreover, the subscriptions tab allows users to follow their favorite channels with much ease, thus, they are more eager to come back to view recent videos.

Perhaps, one of the best features included in this update is the addition of video editing tools. It enables ordinary viewers to be creators as well. These tools come in handy for users who simply love to share their moments.

And before we forget, the new update also allows you to watch full-screen vertical videos with just one tap.

What it means for creators, advertisers and marketers?

It is not only the users who will benefit from this re-designed Youtube app. If you are a creator, an advertiser or a marketer, this update is a huge thing.

Creators, like you, will benefit most from the revived subscriptions tab. Since this tab has made subscribing much easier, users will more readily subscribe to your videos or channels. And the more followers or subscribers you have, the bigger the ad revenues you generate. The more views, the richer you become. That's great news!

The latest Youtube mobile app update is available only for Android an iOS but will also be rolling out on Apple devices. These updates are great for every Youtube user. Whether you are just a viewer or a creator or an advertiser, you will find these update very likeable. YouTube has promised better updates in the future that we will surely look forward to. We can't wait to watch 3D videos on our mobile phones!

Have you downloaded the latest Youtube mobile app update? How do you find the re-designed app and its new features? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below, thank you!

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