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8 Essential Tools to Simplify SEO for Content Marketing

8 Essential Tools to Simplify SEO for Content Marketing

One vital facet of your content marketing strategy is optimizing your content at all levels from the idea phase, research, creation to promotion. This can be very daunting and time-consuming. Here are 8 essential SEO tools that will make your work easier:

1. Preliminary phase

At the outset, optimizing content should begin with the identification of great keywords that can help your content to rank high in search engine results. Here are some helpful tools at this stage:

a) Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a rather obvious keyword research tool. It however is very beneficial in marketing strategies. All you need to do is key in a topic. It will give results with the suggested keyword phrases. To make the best choice among them, copy them onto an excel spreadsheet and sort them by their search volume. Take the top results and brainstorm the topics that you can write about them. This will help you in optimizing content. Moreover, you will have enough ideas for content for some time.

b) The Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot

This tool helps you come up with titles for some of the keywords that you may have chosen from Google AdWords. All you need to do is key in the keywords and the tool provides titles which you can use for your content. The tool can produce over 200 titles. This again gives you enough ideas to work with for some time.

2. Research phase

After you have brainstormed the ideas for your content, you can now begin doing some research that will add up to your final content. One of the things you need to consider here is your competitors. You also need to look at the type of content and what areas result in maximal user engagement and backlinks. This will help you estimate the length of your content and the areas to cover. This is especially crucial in YouTube Marketing, where you have to capture the attention of your audience within the first few seconds, and deliver a powerful message that will move them. Here are useful SEO tools for this content marketing phase:

a) BuzzSumo

This tool allows you to see the top content on a specific topic. Top content is usually based on social sharing volume. It also allows you to see the backlinks and the sharers buttons. You are therefore able to see specific backlinks from other content, and even the users that have shared it on social media. This will be profitable when it comes to promoting content.

b) Impactana

This tool helps you see the views, comments as well as backlinks that a piece of content has received. Some content may have many shares, links and comments, but with no traffic. If this is the case, there is a high likelihood that the links have been bought. The content therefore is not popular, and should be avoided.

3. The creation phase

It is now time to create your content. You already have an idea of how you are going to package it, whether it will be a blog post, infographic or You Tube video. Better still, you have the keywords that can help you to optimize it as well as the titles that you can choose.

During creation, ensure that the content is fully optimized for search engines and users too. Here are 2 SEO tools to help incorporate in your content marketing strategy:

a) Grammarly

This works for written content. If you do not have an editor to check your content, you can use it. It offers in-depth checking of errors. This tool can be configured to look for specific issues based on particular types of content. You can also choose the specific issues to be detected. When you use this tool, you will not lose links and shares due to avoidable grammatical errors.

b) WordPress SEO

This tool is ideal if you are creating content on WordPress or even on your own domain. It helps in the configuration of SEO settings for content. It also helps in analyzing content for keyword optimization. For details on how to improve keyword optimization for your content, open the Page Analysis tab on WordPress or on your site. If your site does not have this plugin, install it on your WordPress site. When you need to analyze SEO, save your content as a draft, and a run a copy of it run on WordPress where you have installed the plugin.

4. The promotion phase

After creating great content, one cannot look down upon this facet of content marketing. Let us look at the SEO tools that you can use here:

a) Sendible

This is a social management tool. It helps you to share content with a number of social networks. It also allows you to review the analytics for every share. You can also repost the content to different or even the same networks to increase the opportunity for visibility, sharing and conversion. It is a significant aspect of your YouTube Marketing.

b) BuzzBundle

This tool allows you to search questions that are related to your content. You can search on blogs, social media, and forums. All you need to do is enter your keyword phrase. The results will show all the posts that are related to your content. If you see people asking questions that your content can answer, give them a link to it. This way, you will be providing value for them.

c) GTmetrix

This is more of an overall tool, though it linked with your content and YouTube marketing strategies. It measures the speed of your webpages and offers suggestions for improvement. It will be senseless to create great content and promote it widely only for your visitors to come to your site and get disappointed. Load time is pivotal. It makes the difference between your visitor opting for your competitor’s website or not. This tool is thorough and user-friendly. Other tools that you can use to measure site speed are Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, and WebPagetest.


As we have discussed, you must optimize your content at all levels- from the idea phase, research, creation to promotion. It can be very daunting. The above SEO tools needs to form part of your content marketing strategy. They could also come in handy in your YouTube marketing strategy.

7 Strategic Ways to Integrate Content Marketing and SEO

7 Strategic Ways to Integrate Content Marketing and SEO

The rise of content marketing has resulted the misconception that it can and should replace SEO. While it is true that many content marketers have made an improved emphasis on content, SEO has not faded into obsolescence. Ideally, the 2 concepts need to work together if any brand or product is going to achieve its goals. Let us delve into how we can integrate them:

What is the difference?

While there is an overlap between the 2 concepts, there are also marked differences between them. SEO has more technical aspects, for instance, use of title and ALT tags, correct URLs, and sitemaps. On the other hand, content marketing is broader and it is not necessarily confined to SEO goals.

How to integrate them

There is a belief that SEO entails creation of good content with a goal to have it indexed by search engines. However, there is more than meets the eye. The on-site SEO groundwork needs to be done. For example, if Google has a problem indexing pages or if your site has a penalty, you need to consult a SEO expert despite having valuable content. The bottom line is that the 2 concepts need to be integrated. Here is how to go about this:

1. Quality

A few years ago, creating poor quality content with well-placed keywords may have resulted in a higher ranking on search engine result pages. However, this will not yield any results in today’s competitive online marketing world. Poor quality content just to show that your site is active is also not beneficial.

From the perspective of SEO, original, engaging content should put you ahead of the competition. This is because in this case, the search engines will be indexing something that you cannot find anywhere else. On the other hand, it helps you reach your goals, as it will attract the specific audience that you are aiming at. Your content should inspire people to stay longer than a minute on your platform, whether it is on your website, blog, social media page or even YouTube channel. It also needs to provide value.

2. Longevity

You should aim at creating evergreen content. It not only improves search rankings, it also makes your site more relevant. News does well in terms of increasing traffic. Nonetheless, its effects stops being felt after a short time. An evergreen piece of content which provides value to your audience will result in engagement and attract links that will help Google to index your site, social media platform, or YouTube channel. Better still, it will rank high in search engine results for a longer period of time. A higher rank translates into more traffic to your site, leading to more links and ranking that is even higher. An evergreen piece of content stays relevant for a very long time.

3. Keywords

For the concepts of SEO and content marketing to work well, keyword research is indispensable. You must produce high quality content. However, it will only serve its purpose if it gets exposure. Exposure entails matching the search terms that people are keying in in their search queries to your content. Avoid using very many technical terms in your content as it will not match to what users are keying in search queries. Keyword research is necessary to find the terms that are likely to rank high in search engine results. One of the tools that you can use for keyword research is Soovle.

4. Monitoring

A crucial aspect of content marketing is monitoring your keyword goals so as to see whether you are actually achieving them. Some of the things to consider are:
  •  Whether the content produced hits the mark
  •  Whether it affects search positions
You must be realistic in your monitoring. It may take time for shifts in search to be seen, and some keywords may have stiff competition. You must be persistent for your efforts to eventually pay off. Your content must never be a slave to keywords. Write to provide value. Do not force keywords at the expense of losing the quality of your content.

5. Links

Good content will certainly attract backlinks. You need to distribute it widely and effectively so as to reach a large and influential audience. Another facet of links would be internal links. It is a way to use content so as to achieve SEO goals and improve user experience. It will help in indexing your site improving page rank, and it will lead users to more content that is relevant to what they are viewing or reading.

6. Evaluation

To determine whether SEO and content marketing are working well when they are combined, you need to do some evaluation. This needs to be in line with your goals. There are good tools that you can use for evaluation. Analytics will also help you to determine the change in search traffic volume over a period of time, and even the pages or content that result in higher search volumes. Content metrics like time on site, bounce rates and visitors who view multiple pages are also important in evaluation.

7. Headlines

Headlines require to be very descriptive. They need to be beneficial and deliver on the promise. They also need to be written for the web. This means that you must include relevant keywords in your headlines. It is beneficial to consider factors like how your audience searches for content and what you intend to rank for. Keep headlines short. Here is why:
  •  They will be truncated in search results - it is important for the entire headline to be visible for the viewers to be more inclined to click on it
  •  Sharing - keeping the headline short will enable people to share it on social media without editing it
  •  Email - if the content is being distributed via email, the headline needs to be visible on the email’s subject line


Content marketing should not replace SEO. Instead, the 2 concepts need to be integrated in a way that is beneficial for content marketers, their audience and search engine indexing. You need to strike a balance between the 2 concepts, rather than emphasis one at the expense of the other.

Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

Promoting a brand anywhere on the internet platform can be a difficult task especially if you do not have the smart know how to go about it. For one, promoting your brand requires lots of SEO knowledge and also knowledge on how you can utilize it specifically to suit your brand. There are different types of SEOs and knowing which one will best promote your brand is a great place to start on the road to brand success. With that said, in this particular discussion, we look at how to use Youtube as a tool to get you the success you are aiming for. Below is an insight.

Youtube Marketing for Your Brand: Tactics to up your video marketing game

Develop Your YouTube Videos Through 12 Strategies

12 Marketing Strategies - Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing and promoting your small-business YouTube videos, you should follow these 12 basic strategies:

How to Make Money on Youtube 2015? Become a Youtube Partner !

How to Make Money on Youtube 2015? Become a Youtube Partner !
Make Money On Youtube 2015
Basically YouTube is a worldwide social network where people upload their videos and pictures for other to view or download them and in return earn money. People monetize uploads on YouTube using Google AdSense, affiliated marketing, cost per action offers and pay per download. YouTube gets billion of viewers all over the internet on daily basis and shares the revenue earned from the viewers with its users who are referred to as YouTube partners. If you have a passion in creating videos, then YouTube is the place.

Youtube SEO: Make millions of dollars on YouTube today

YouTube is the latest frontier in marketing brands and companies. Internet access is pervasive at the moment and that means many marketers are swirling around the huge opportunities that the online market is promising. The online community is very fickle, it is ever in a state of flux. One cannot afford to drop the ball in their marketing strategies and how they package their content. The presence of a world of options online makes attention spans of clients very short and they can just jump over to the next material if they are not impressed. The immediacy of the online market makes it crucial for one to have their company, their products and brand visible on YouTube whenever someone browses online.

Youtube SEO: Make millions of dollars on YouTube today

The fact is that the YouTube space is a crowded space with limitless potential. Every marketer wants a bite of the cherry that are visitor’s views. One wants as many visitors and views as possible to make your brand number one on YouTube SEO. Having one’s video optimised on YouTube will ensure that out of the millions of videos posted, that theirs will be the one which will stand out and which people will watch. One should take their time to optimize their videos for SEO so that traffic will be concentrated on their videos. One cannot just sit back and hope that their video goes viral while this is possible the possibilities are usually slim and a lot of work goes into it anyway.

So how does one ensure that their video is the one everybody is watching on YouTube? The main aim of YouTube SEO is to make sure that when people search videos, one’s video is visible and highly ranked. It makes it easy for more and more users to explore one’s content once their video is already set up to be searched for. Some of the most important signals which determine one’s video traffic. There is the number of likes and dislikes, tags, audience retention, length of the video, number of subscribers, the comments left behind, title tag information and keywords. YouTube will use this information to rank one’s video and rank it. For one’s video to get leverage and traffic on their videos, they need to write long video descriptions. The descriptions should be lengthy because the more YouTube knows about the video, the easier it will be to capture a target keyword. One should have a keyword-rich description so that it can be ranked and several options are given to those people who want to views one’s content. If one wants their video o be ranked highly via SEO on YouTube, they should encourage people to like and subscribe to their video and channels. The more likes and subscriptions one gets, the more attention is created around their videos. One can ask their viewers to like and subscribe to their videos. This is done by throwing a persuasive call of action so that people can subscribe at the end of the video. Of course part of marketing is being persuasive and convincing and if one can woo people to subscribe and like their videos, then that will be a major score and YouTube will notice the numbers before ranking it. This step is definitely important because YouTube puts a lot of emphasis on user experience signals and it does not use backlinks. If people subscribe in droves to one’s video, it will send a message of intent to YouTube that they have a valuable video.

Online communities like LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit are instrumental in YouTube Marketing strategies. If one shares their videos consistently on these platforms the potential to benefit from them is immense. Getting views from these virtual communities will boost one’s stature on their way to YouTube SEO. Sharing of one’s videos in online communities will garner audience retention which is one of the key goals of spiking one’s video views and high ranking on the video sharing site. Platforms like Facebook are good in that if a user likes a video, they will share it and it will soon become widespread if it is exceptional.

One should dedicate themselves optimizing around video keywords. It is one thing for a video to be ranking high on YouTube but it is a totally different league if one’s video is doing well on both YouTube and Google. SEO works magic when on google, the keyword of one’s video appears among the search options. Video Keywords tend to have to have their video results shown on Google’s first page. If someone is browsing and they are not interested in an article about a product or service, they can simply view the video that concerns that products on YouTube but having searched for it on Google. This increases one’s video’s chances of gathering a lot of views. To get one’s video ranked on Google and YouTube, one should ensure that their choice of keyword makes their video results appear on the first page of google.

One should be able to organise their videos into a playlist. This makes it convenient for someone who wants to view all of the content that they have to offer. One should not just have a playlist for the sake of it but they should ensure that that playlist is keyword rich for YouTube to notice what one’s video is all about. The video should be organised into categories about one’s business or what they are marketing. For example “5 reasons to visit Pinnacle Hotel”, another video on the playlist could be “Gym treats at Pinnacle Hotel.”

This should be the ultimate YouTube SEO guide for those venturing into marketing their services and products online. The competition is tight and people are getting more creative, one should not be left behind as the market grows larger with a limitless space which cannot be exhausted. Personal brands, businesses and individuals are cashing in daily from YouTube because they have learned the ropes of doing business online. It is about angling for one’s market and capturing them and putting one’s ventures at the front seat, it all begins with one view, one click and one could be swimming in millions of dollars.

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Videos

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a Weapon!- Steps to Leverage the Power of YouTube While Maximizing Your Affiliate Profits

Why Aren't More Brands Embedding Their YouTube Videos on Their Websites?

youtube embeds brand websites

YouTube Marketing has become one o the most popular marketing tools. For companies, it has become an indispensable tool that connects the brand and the company with the user base. On YouTube, companies have a chance to create video content and share it on the third largest search engine in the worlds. This pretty much equates to a gold mine for companies because it enables an easy reach to prospective customers and clients. With that said, more and more companies have realized the advantages of using YouTube as a marketing tool.

How to SEO Youtube Videos for 2015

How to SEO Youtube Videos for 2015

If you happen to be one of the many people who market Youtube videos, you more than likely have thought about ways to increase your revenue by obtaining more subscription exposure to them. The best way to do that is to utilize smart SEO tactics so you can rise to the very top of the search engine. Countless amounts of people are creating relatively adequate incomes on Youtube and some are becoming downright rich. Video marketing at the moment is certainly what you would call a right-place-at-the-right-time sort of thing. The key objective is about getting a little knowledge regarding the latest SEO Youtube videos. You will son discover that this is the surefire perfect way to get your brand rolling on the mega-popular social media site.


The first thing people see when they search for a specific video is the video’s thumbnail. It is essentially what they use to judge the video; whether or not they would like it. Essentially, it is judging a book by its cover. However, the thumbnail doesn’t have to be the single thing that carries your video in a list of search results. Like more or less all other online content, proper use of search engine optimization is key to posting a video on YouTube.

Youtube SEO Tools

This applies to the video’s title and its description. After all, before watching a YouTube video, we generally first look at the thumbnail to see if it’s interesting and then read the description to know if it’s what we are looking for. Of course, this comes after first searching for the video itself—and this means typing in certain keywords, which are usually contained in the title. So, search engine optimization is an important tool you need to use before publishing a YouTube video.

Chances are, people won’t search for your video directly (unless you can somehow tell them). They will search for something in general and the only way your video will be included in the first few search results is if it is optimized to do so. This means in order for it to be a related video, you have to ensure its keywords are configured in such a way that it is relevant to the search. You obviously want your target audience to see your video, which is why you need to ensure it is among those said audience regularly searches for.

There are times when you have searched something on the internet and at the very top (or close to it) of the search results, you saw a bunch of YouTube videos. This is another advantage of YouTube videos on Google’s Universal Search tool. Most of the time, you will see these videos come up when you search for tutorials or instructions on how to do something. This is probably because somehow Google knows that videos are the best way to teach something. Or, it could also be because the videos are optimized so well for the search engine, they just have to be close to the top of the index of results.

Internet users will only pay attention to something that stands out—this is because the results come in the hundreds of thousands and we generally want what we are looking for as fast as possible. This is human nature. Your video will rank well if it is relevant enough. It can only be relevant if it has been configured that way. The only way to configure it into relevancy is through search engine optimization. The title and description of said video has to be clear and, in most cases, concise. Once the user has identified it as relevant, he/she would probably only click on it if he/she sees it as useful. This will only happen if the video can attract the user to itself. This is probably where the description comes in. The most important thing for you, however, is to ensure your video is relevant and always near the top of search engine results. After that, you need not worry because it will definitely get views.

To ensure your video is always among the relevant or related ones, you will need to learn about search engine optimization. Listed in detail below are five SEO tools you need to use before publishing a YouTube video:

1. Specific Key Phrases

By using specific keywords and key phrases, you are giving your video a tool that will give it a good rank in search results. However, when you do so, you must ensure that said keywords and key phrases are not overly competitive. If they are too competitive, your video will sit with other low-ranking videos and generate little to no traffic at all.

You can learn more about this by taking a look at the auto-complete search results. The auto-complete feature comes to the fore when you start typing something in the search bar and before you have even finished typing, various phrases come listed just below the search bar. This is a good way to learn the most common key phrases and keywords people tend to use in their searches.

2. Monitor your Content

The best way to do this is by creating a marketing dashboard that will archive and monitor your content for you. The best tool for this work is probably Cyfe, which can optimize your video for Twitter, Google Plus and other search results—as long as users’ searches mention your key phrases.

3. Research Other Similar Videos

If you want to post something on YouTube and you want it to stand out, you need to understand what is already in place for the videos that currently rank atop their respective search criteria. This means you have to first search for other videos (most probably videos like yours) to see what is working for them and what would not work. It is probably a good idea to also go to the very last result on the very last page (or somewhere close to it) to see what that video has and/or lacks for it to rank where it does.

You should also learn what the best YouTube videos contain in terms of thumbnails and names. A lot depends on a name as well as a video’s thumbnail. You should learn what the best ranking videos have in their names and what their thumbnails contain. You should learn why their thumbnails are so attractive to viewers and learn how to apply that concept to your own video.

4. Can your Video Answer Questions?

Sometimes people type out questions into the search bar and they are answered with a list of videos to choose from. This is not because Google (or YouTube) is so intelligent as to interact with the user. It is down to keywords and key phrases.

Using SerpStats is a good way to know the kinds of questions people generally ask YouTube and/or Google. You can use this to judge if your video can answer these questions and optimize it to do so. Also, you can use this tool to create more videos in future.

5. Research Trends

A tool like /Explore is a good source of some of the most current and trendy keywords and key phrases you can hope to find on the internet. Using this tool can assist you in broadening your research on keywords in order to broaden the information given in your videos. It is also a good way to learn about hash-tags and all the best trends that you can use to incorporate in the optimization of your video.


The growth of your business depends on the use technology. Companies that have embraced social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram as well as youtube to market their products have continued to perform better over years. Our greatest interest in this discussion is the use of Youtube to market products. Youtube optimization is one of the leading tactics when it comes to local search engine optimization. The technique is very effective in the local business setting because most of them do not create nor publish video promotions but instead they seek for help. Before you think about the technical tips that will help you to optimize your videos on Youtube, you need to look at the content itself. Despite the fact that our tips will benefit you regardless of the video you are going to post on youtube, the will have an added advantage if you post a compelling video. In other words, the subject matter and the way convey greatly determine of your success on Youtube. With many poor quality as well as low-resolution videos being posted daily, you can take advantage by coming up with excellent videos that will make you to stand out from the rest. Whether one is going to watch the video alone or share it with some of the friends, quality is very important and that why we have outlined for you 10 tips for using youtube to kill at local SEO.


1. Utilize on the description field provided fully

You can mention your name, mobile phone number and address in the description text provided by Youtube. The description field is quite generous because apart from describing the video, you can add more information about yourself or any other thing that you feel will help identify you. Furthermore, you can write a short and clear biography about your company so that you increase on its popularity across the globe.

2. Tag your videos

You can have the location of your business or its category as the tag for your video before posting. The keywords tagging is one of the best ways of Youtube optimization hence you need to pay great attention on the same if at all you want to do better than others do.

3. Link your videos to your business

Before posting any video on youtube, ensure that you add a link to your business so that anyone who wants to know more about the products can easily check for the same without having to waste time looking elsewhere. In most cases, these links are automatic and Youtube does not make any follow up on them.

4. Relate your video with the Google places listing provided elsewhere

Adding a video to the business listing for the different Google places will also help in Youtube optimization. While including the URL on the Google places, remember to use the entire URL however long it may look since shortening will only lead viewers to the wrong destination thus leading to loss of potential customers.

5. Associate your videos with the nearest Google+ local page

Adding your videos to Google + local page will also help in optimizing your business on youtube. After adding the video, you can ask your employees and other stakeholders to share the same with their friends and other people within the industry. The more shares you will have by the end of the day, the more popular you will become as a business.

6. Ensure that you Geotag the videos

You need to Geotag the videos to associate them with the geocoordinates of your business. To geotag, you simply go to the advanced settings of your video on the video manager. You will come across a search options provided by youtube. Enter the address of your area and then click on search. You location will pop up on a small map that allows you to refine the location by simply dragging the site’s pinpoint maker. After saving the changes, youtube will convert the information about your location into longitudes and latitudes for storage. Any other thing related with the video you have posted will remain relevant. As long as the Google’s video manager interface does not stop to collect data, there is that possibility of having your data back.

7. Embed the videos

You can embed your videos on your website page or blog if you have one for your business. The number of embeds realized is yet another factor that indicates your popularity. As many marketers keep asking whether it is good to host their videos on their websites or have them on Youtube instead, you need to understand Youtube housing has more benefits.

8. Promote of the videos

Apart from uploading the videos on youtube and sitting back waiting for people to view them, you can promote them on different social media platform like facebook, twitter, tumblr as well as Google + just to mention a few of them. The more you promote the video on different platforms the more potential customers you will reach.

9. Include your name, phone number and address on the video

Including your name, phone number and address at the end of the video will make it easy for one to recognize you. If you have a URL then you can equally include it on the video. While giving these details ensure that they are accurate to avoid channeling traffic to another website without knowing.

10. Add your name, phone and address to your audio

This is slightly different from adding details to your video. Adding these details to your audio will be a good idea since sometimes Youtube converts them automatically into text transcripts with help from Google systems. This will only happen if your videos on youtube have recognizable speeches.

In summary, youtube optimization is among the leading social media marketing tactics that you can use to promote your products. To achieve this, you need to promote your videos, embed them and relate them with Google + local page among other techniques. In addition, you have tag your videos and provide your name, phone as well as location at the end so that anyone interested in any of your products can reach within the shortest time possible. If you have a URL then you can include it as long as you write it in full because shortcuts may not lead potential buyers to your website.

10 Tips And Tricks To SEO Youtube Videos

Making a good SEO video youtube strategy, will position your content not only on YouTube but also get into the first page of Google by the authority and power of a channel like this on Google.

10 tips and tricks to Place your video in the top results of YouTube.