How to Make Money on Youtube 2015? Become a Youtube Partner !

How to Make Money on Youtube 2015? Become a Youtube Partner !
Make Money On Youtube 2015
Basically YouTube is a worldwide social network where people upload their videos and pictures for other to view or download them and in return earn money. People monetize uploads on YouTube using Google AdSense, affiliated marketing, cost per action offers and pay per download. YouTube gets billion of viewers all over the internet on daily basis and shares the revenue earned from the viewers with its users who are referred to as YouTube partners. If you have a passion in creating videos, then YouTube is the place.

There are very many people across the universe that use this media as their primary source of income and most of them have turned out to be millionaires. To start with, if you want to make a fortune on YouTube, what you need to do is to upload that video and if it contains exclusive information, some guides, tips, trick or even some kind of amusing information then you are guaranteed more viewing and hence big payment in return. In continuation, as a YouTube partner you can check your number of subscribers, audience retention, dairy earning and views on a dairy basis. Below are some stories about various successful YouTube young partners who are making a fortune.

Successful youtube partners

Meet JOSEPH GARRETT who went to an extent of quitting his previous job and joined YouTube to make money by simply filming himself playing video games and uploading his clips. Over time his clips have earned interest from many YouTube viewers and as I write he is on his way to become a millionaire. In continuation, his channel "Stampylonghead" has received more hits than even certain celebrities such as Justine Bieber. Moreover, his channel is among the top ten most viewed in the world with over ten thousand subscribers and over 170 million viewers a month. He quitted his first job as a barman at the age of 23 years landed on YouTube and since then he plays games such as Mine craft and shares tips with fellow players’ and as per today he is doing absolutely marvelous.

Meet JAMAL EDWARDS who is doing quite well within a short period of time. He is the sole owner of SBTV a broadcasting company. He makes videos featuring rap and pop music stars and later uploads them on YouTube. He also makes good amount of money through adverts that uses his videos links on YouTube. At the age of only 23years, Jamal is worth around twelve million dollars. Moreover, in his interview he put across that it’s a matter of believing in yourself and doing what you like to perfection. For him his talent is making videos.

Meet the Cute Brothers who make over $ 100,000 a month from a finger biting video. As of February this year, the video of Charlie biting his brother’s finger has been the most viewed video, with over eight hundred and ten million viewers. The video basically features two English brothers Harry and Charlie. The video was taken in 2007 by his father uploaded on YouTube and went viral. Though it was just a video that every father would take to capture his children growing up, this video has made the family a fortune on YouTube. As of February this year, YouTube officials have said that the video has over 297,222 subscribers.

How to become a youtube partner 2015


First you need to create a channel in order to have a public presence on youtube. The channel can be either personal or a business one; this mainly depends on your preference. The channel helps you to upload videos, leave comment or make playlists on YouTube.

Create an interesting content

Always create what you are passionate with since an idea that comes from true inspiration is vital for long term success of the channel. Maintain your ties with your subscribers by creating something suitable and of genuine interest.

Subscriber base

Subscribers are the determinants of your success on YouTube. To get more subscribers, you should create your channel in a manner that helps more people to subscribe and create content that keeps them coming back for more.

Optimizing you video content

Creative and insightful videos for your YouTube audience are important in order to reach the widest audience possible. Always create a video that will be insightful and creative.

Monetize your videos

Upload videos that not only appeal to your viewers but to also appeal to potential advertisers. Having adverts running through your video links will make you even bank harder since you will gain more YouTube shares with every advert that runs through your video link.

Get paid by Youtube

In order to be eligible for payment by YouTube, you should apply for an AdSense account and associate it with your YouTube account. As your YouTube videos accumulate more views you will get paid according to the number of viewers your video receives.

Below are some ideas for creating creative content for your YouTube videos

Always create what you are passionate about since you will always find interesting ways to attract more viewers.

Create consistent and interesting ways to attract viewers by seeing to it that your work gets seen and that the initial viewers subscribe to your channel.

Make videos that are suitable. This can be achieved by making sure that your ideas come from a place of genuine interest.

Consider the feedback you receive because you are ultimately creating the content for your subscribers.

Develop an intimate understanding of how audiences discover and engage with your videos and in addition, utilize the available tools to take advantage of the insights.
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