10 Tips And Tricks To SEO Youtube Videos

Making a good SEO video youtube strategy, will position your content not only on YouTube but also get into the first page of Google by the authority and power of a channel like this on Google.

10 tips and tricks to Place your video in the top results of YouTube.

If you follow these 10 tips and get your videos give strength and position in the top results from YouTube, this probably also come out in the top search results of the search giant.

1) Analyze your competition

Before you go do anything, it is very important to analyze your competition, one that is positioned at the top of YouTube by the keywords you want to position.

Once you've identified what your competition, you must analyze what they are doing well, you have been selected category, the contents have been introduced, few comments were received and how many copies they have. This will give you an idea of ​​the steps you have to follow to be in those positions YouTube.

2) Concentrate on your title

The title is one of the most important parts that you have to consider, as it will be one of the most visible parts when a user search for your video on YouTube. Includes Keyword to position title and, of course, choose a title striking and impressive. A few weeks ago we talked about how to impact on search results, it will also serve to improve the Clickthrough rate (CTR) of your videos.

3) Tag your video properly

You must choose the best labels for your title. Those most influential and which are more in line with the keyword or keywords you want to position. Do not just add tags only when you post the video, you should include some time or another label after posting the video.

4) Select the appropriate Category

Select the right category where we want to link our video is a very important part. If you want to categorize your video well and play it safe, a good trick is to know where your competition has categorized your video, i.e. the ones in the top positions for the keywords you want to position yourself which category selected.

5) Content is the Key

Content plays a very important role. It must be summarized in the first 2 lines most important of all your content. when writing these 2 lines, it must be treated as a new item in the Description. You should generate original, authentic and different content and also update it regularly, i.e. once we have generated more than 400 words minimum so our content is decent, we must go including more lines as they roll across the weeks. This not only draw on more content to the description on your SEO video youtube, but you'll be telling YouTube that your video does not expire and is constantly updated.

6) The photo or Thumbnail

If you choose a striking image and get the user's eyes are set on your video you will increase the CTR of both are talking. A good trick is to use people's faces as this inspires user confidence.

7) Play with the comments

Here's the same with any item from our blog, the more comments and interest generating your video to YouTube have more relevance. It is also important to encourage people to give you a "Like" on your videos, as this also has its share of importance.

8) Increase your subscribers

This is no secret, the more subscribers you have your YouTube channel will be most relevant videos that will generate more reproductions. Remember that reproductions are very important when it comes to occupying the top spot on the famous product of Google Videos.

9) Share your video on Social Networks

Like all other content, the more your video is shared on social networking more social impact will more reproductions have more social links and of course more comments will be generated.

10) Link Building

Same goes with any content, making a good Link Building strategy, you will increase the authority of your video.

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